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City Chennai
State TN
Country India 
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Hourly rate USD 25$
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Skills quantity surveying engineering design structural detailing rebar detailing
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Area of Expertise
Mechanical Services
3D Mechanical Drafting (168)
Civil Engineering
Commercial Sites (24)
Construction Cost Est. (32)
Construction Drawing (52)
Land Develop. Design (21)
MEP Design & Drafting (30)
Paper to CAD Converts. (40)
Site Analysis (12)
Site Plans (38)
Structural Services
3D Arch. Animation (27)
3D Rendering Services (36)
Building Info. Model (28)
CAD Design Arch. (53)
CAD Drafting Arch. (36)
More Services
2D Drafting Services (75)
2D to 3D Conversions (58)
3D Modeling & Design (65)
AutoCAD Conversions (54)
AutoCAD Design (64)
AutoCAD Engineering (45)
CAD Conversion (61)
CAD Drafting (73)
CAD Modeling (65)
CAD Oil & Gas (31)
Detailed Engineering (49)
GIS Conversion (10)
Rendering (18)
Business Summary:
. We have huge experience in the following expertise: • Quantity Surveying • MEP Detailing • Structural steel Detailing • Bar bending schedule and Rebar detailing • BOQ Development and • Building Information Modeling • GIS Survey
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Engineer Outsourcing is an online marketplace that connects small and medium sized businesses with qualified and cost-effective service providers for outsourcing work such as AutoCAD drafting, CAM, CAE, 3D conversions and simple engineering projects. Service buyers are primarily located in Canada and the United States. Service providers have been vetted to include only the best engineering firms from India who hold international accreditations such as ISO 9000 and NASSCOM Certification.

Engineer Outsourcing aims to be the leading provider in outsourcing drafting and AutoCAD engineering services.  Engineering providers specialize in architectural drafting, structural engineering, pipeline engineering, oil and gas engineering, civil engineering, HVAC engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering among other disciplines.

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