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Project Description :
Title: Full-Time Experienced Engineering Drafter for Drawing Parts Approval Needed


I hope all is well. The following project is for a full-time drafter on an ongoing basis. Please provide a bid for the monthly cost of a full time drafter based on the attachments and the needs listed below.

Sofame Technologies Inc. Team

About Sofame Technologies Inc.:
• Sofame Technologies Inc. was founded in 1984.
• In 1997, Sofame was listed under the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol SDW) in Canada.
• Our main products can be seen with the following link http://www.sofame.com/Percotherm_eng.htm
• SOFAME Technologies Inc. custom engineers and manufactures unique, high-efficiency direct-contact heat recovery and hot water heating systems. Sofame’s products extract up to 99% of heat from flue gases depending on the application, and also from wastewater, and return the energy in the form of high temperature hot water or pre-heated make-up air. In addition to economically recovering heat from waste energy, Sofame’s products also help customers to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using world leading patented green technology, the Company serves building owners, institutional, industrial and commercial markets through a network of dedicated engineering representatives.
• Sofame Technologies Specialties: Industrial Heat Recovery, Industrial Hot Water Heating, Energy Efficiency Engineering, Turn-Key Efficiency Solutions, Carbon Credit Certification.

Project Details:
• The project is for one full-time draftsman on an ongoing basis.
• The main role is ongoing approval drawings on components. If the work is completed to a high standard and on time, additional staffing may be requested.
• The engineering service provider must show that their company has extensive experience in steam systems, hot water systems

Staff & Company Requirements:
• The drafter must have an engineering degree from an internationally recognized university.
• The drafter must have excellent organizational skills.
• The drafter must have the ability to accurately estimate time-lines and adhere to deadlines.
• The drafter must carefully track project hours on a daily basis with our project management software.
• The drafter should to have excellent written English and phone communication skills
• On occasion, the drafter should be available to talk during morning business hours Eastern Standard Time (EST).
• The company needs to show either a case study, work sample or produce a reference from a mid-sized enterprise. The sample/case study/ reference must relate to boiler systems, hot water systems or thermodynamics combustion.
• The drafter should have extensive experience with approval drawings on components, boiler systems, hot water systems and thermodynamic combustion.

• We do not have time for training the drafter. Only bid if your company can provide an experienced drafter based on the all our project needs listed in this description and shown in the attachment.

Software Required:
• We would like the work done with AutoDesk Inventor Software (preferred).
• If AutoDesk Inventor software is unavailable, we may consider AutoCAD, Siemens Solid Edge or Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. We will only consider the other software if the files can be easily opened with AutoDesk Inventor.

Other Upcoming Work:
• If we are satisfied with the work; we may also want to outsource a full-time position for a experienced engineer with a masters degree and combustion background.
• The future Combustion Engineer position will likely require a masters degree in thermodynamics combustion.

Payment Terms:
• Funds will be deposited into Engineer Outsourcing Escrow when a provider is chosen.
• Funds are to be released on a monthly basis.
• We only pay through EngineerOutsourcing.com

File Attachments
12863761411005 - SC-006 - R01 - condenser side view.pdf
12863761401005 - SB - 003 - R02 Evaporator boiler #4.pdf
1286376172Iso préliminaire Évaporateurs.pdf
1286376170General Layout ISO (Printscreen].pdf
1286376162Drawings for Kimberley Clark Aproved.pdf
1286376144Damper 38in NC.PDF
12863761432010-07-30 PID rév 5 DA1BA1004 - REV 5 Lantic Pré.pdf
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Company: Sofame Technologies Inc. Member since: 06 Oct,2010 01:49:29
Posted on : 2010-10-14
Budget : $5,000 - $25,000
Status : Expired
Bids duration : 2010-10-14
To : 2010-10-21
Job types : Hourly Project

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Cenza Technologies can provide dedicated resources for this project. Attaching a CV towards this, please review.
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Cenza Technologies can provide dedicated resources for this project. Attaching a CV towards this, please review.
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