Frequently Asked Questions

What is Engineer Outsourcing? More about the CAD Marketplace, Free CAD Library & Engineering Service

What is Engineer Outsourcing?
A: Engineer Outsourcing is a global service provider for engineer process outsourcing (EPO) services. Engineer Outsourcing connects corporations through the CAD marketplace with quality tested engineering companies internationally. Engineer Outsourcing specializes with following services:
  • CAD drafting
  • Paper to CAD conversions
  • 2D and 3D drawings and conversions
  • CAD / CAM / CAE - 3D rendering and modeling services
  • Software includes: AutoCAD, Solidworks, Micro-Station, 20-20 Tech, and CAP Studio.
Engineer Outsourcing is located in Calgary, Canada and has built connections with reputable engineering firms globally that provide first-class work. Engineering providers hold international accreditation and certifications, including ISO 9000, BS 7799, COPC 2000, LEED, P-CMM, Six Sigma, CMMi ModelCMMi and NASSCOM Certification.

Engineering and drafting projects are completed by qualified providers at an extremely low cost. The cost savings can be tremendous as companies can save up to 85% on labor cost through using Engineer Outsourcing compared with domestic in-house staff.

Engineer Outsourcing aims to be the leading provider CAD engineering services. Engineer Outsourcing does engineering and drafting work in areas of oil and gas, architectural, structural, pipeline, civil,  HVAC, mechanical, and electrical engineering.
How Can my Business Start a Premier Membership?
A: To upgrade to a Premier Account, click "Login" on the Engineer Outsourcing home page, then click the "Launch Premier Membership" button on the main User Account page. A User will require a balance of at least $1,000USD for the first month of a Premier Membership. The funds will be deducted on a monthly basis for a Premier Membership.
How to Delete a Company Profile on Engineer Outsourcing
A: Engineer Outsourcing security controls require that all user accounts are closed by the EngineerOutsourcing Support Desk. A User can submit a Ticket through the User Account by clicking the "Help Desk" link. The account will need to have a balance of $0USD or greater in order to be closed.
How to Join: Company Sign-up Requirements and Process
A: A: The sign-up process on Engineer Outsourcing involves two main steps:

1. Click the Register button on the top right corner of the Engineer Outsourcing home page, select New Users and fill in company details including desired username, actual company name (or trade name) and contact e-mail. New users also must agree to the Engineer Outsourcing Terms of Service. Once the information is complete a verification e-mail will be sent to the contact e-mail account.

**IMPORTANT: Check bulk/junk mail folder in the event the confirmation link did not hit the e-mail inbox.

2. Click the verification link sent out by Engineer Outsourcing and complete your company details. The company details include location, size, service specialties and other important company information.

3. Once the initial user information is complete the user account becomes listed on EngineerOutsourcing and current projects can be posted on the Engineer Outsourcing network. As per Terms of Service, no company contact information can be included in the user profile. The information can only be provided to other users following the acceptance of a Service Proposal (bid) or following the purchase of a Service Package.

Company information can be modified after initial registration by visiting the Account Preferences page. Corporate video can be embedded, Portfolio Pictures and Feedback Import (from other outsourcing networks) are also recommended for demonstrating professional expertise to other Engineer Outsourcing Users.

How Much Does it Cost (Service Buyers & Service Providers)
A: Engineer Outsourcing has a Single User Platform for Service Buyers and Service Providers, meaning users can buy and provide business services with a single user account. As a result the costing shown below includes the service fees for both Service Buyers and Service Providers.

Service Buyer Costs (USD):
-Basic Project Listing- Fixed & Variable-Rate Projects are available at no cost.
-$5- Open Budget Project (All bid quotes accepted)
-$0- Hide Project from Unregistered Users (No-cost)
-$5- Invite Only Projects- The content of these projects will only be viable to the Service Buyer and Select Service Providers.
-$2- Hide Project from Search Engines (May include Google/Bing/Yahoo)
-$20-  Project is only open to EngineerOutsourcing Premier Providers
-$1,000 Premier Membership Cost per month (Buyer/Provider)

Service Provider Costs (USD):
-7%- Final Value Fee upon Withdrawal for a successful project (Standard User)
3.5%- Final Value Fee upon Withdrawal for a successful project (Premier User)
Other Provider Notes:
Bid Allotment- 30 Bids per month (Basic Membership)
Bid Allotment- 70 Bids per month (Premier Membership)
-$1,000- Optional Premier Membership/month (Buyer/Provider)

Service Package Costs (Service Buyer):
Service Package Fee- No cost (Service Buyer)
Maximum Purchase- None (Service Buyer)

Service Package Costs (Service Provider):
Listing Cost- No Listing Cost for Service Provider (Standard & Premier Providers)
Package Posting Limit- 30 Service Package Listing Maximum (Standard User)
Package Posting Limit- 50 Service Package Listing Maximum (Premier User)
Sale Fee- No listing cost & 8% Final Value per Service Package Sold (Standard User)
Sale Fee- No listing cost & 3.5% Final Value per Service Package Sold (Premier User)
How do I start getting work done through the CAD Marketplace?
A: Note the following steps:
  1. Create an Account- Click the "Register," select the Business Account option.
  2. Post a Project- The buyer outlines needs including project writeup, time-lines and budget.
  3. Evaluate Bids- When the project is posted, qualified providers place bid proposals and the time-frames, cost and terms are negotiated. 
  4. Choose Provider- Select the winning company based on the most appealing bid.
  5. Deposit Money- The buyer will then have to make a deposit to begin the project.
  6. Pay the Provider- When the criteria for the project are successfully complete, escrow funds can be released to the provider and feedback can be posted.

How much does it cost?

How does Engineer Outsourcing make money?
A: Engineer Outsourcing makes money from the following:
  • Final Value Fees for Projects
  • User Memberships
  • Stock CAD File Selling
How to Post a Project?
A: 1. Login to your account by clicking the Login on the top right of

2. Click "Post Project"

3. Enter project information in the following:
   a. Title
   b. Choose Work Categories (ie. AutoCAD)
   c. Browse/upload files (if necessary)
   d. input project information
   e. Choose "Fixed" or "Hourly"
   f. Choose "Price Range"
   g. Choose "End Date"
   h. Check "I Agree" for terms of service

4. Click "Submit Project" button.

5. Check that details are correct, then click the "Confirm" button
When do I deposit funds into EngineerOutsourcing?
A: Once a project proposal has been submitted and you have selected a service provider to complete the project, funds need to be deposited into EngineerOutsourcing where they will be held in escrow until the terms have been met by the service provider. Funds must be deposited into escrow so the service provider can commence the project.

EngineerOutsourcing currently accepts PayPal and MoneyBookers payments for depositing funds into Escrow.

Note: it is a violation of EngineerOutsourcing’s terms to pay a provider directly using PayPal and escrow provides safety and confidence in work being completed for your company.

Service Provider Questions

Benefits of using Engineer Outsourcing for Service Providers

Engineer Outsourcing User Terms, Details and Definitions (Termonology)

Website Support Terms
EngineerOutsourcing Support-
The EngineerOutsourcing help team that is responsible for helping users with the requirements and concerns.

Customer Help Desk- EngineerOutsourcing customer support for system used to answer Users inquiries.

User Suspension- When a User Account is locked by EngineerOutsourcing Support due to a violation on the EngineerOutsourcing Terms of Service.

Banned User- When a User Account is permanently deleted due to repeated violations of the EngineerOutsourcing Terms of Service.

Dispute Resolution Services- The service provided by EngineerOutsourcing support for resolving a dispute over payment due on the EngineerOutsourcing website.
EngineerOutsourcing Project Types
- A Project is any assignment posted by a Service Buyer on the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Expired Project
- A Project that has expired without a successful Proposal from a Service Provider.

Part-Time Position- A Project that will require the assistance of a Service Provider on an ongoing basis. The time requirement for a Part-Time Project will range between 5 and 20 hours on a weekly basis.

Full-Time Position- When a Service Buyer has a Project that will require the assistance of a Service Provider on an ongoing basis. A time requirement for a Full-Time Project can range between a 20 and 40+ hour requirement on a weekly basis.

Premier Member Project- A Project listed by a Service Buyer that will only accept proposals (bids) from Premier Users.

Posted Projects Terms, Details and Definitions
Project Term-
The Project Term is the duration (length) of the Project listing, which is set when a Service Buyer posts a new Project. A Project Term is required for all types including Part-Time, Full-Time and Commission listings.

Contract Term- The Contract Term specifies the duration of the services provided by the Service Provider. The Term of the Contract can be open ended for a Part-Time, Full-Time and Commission Project.

Project Deadline- The date when all Project deliverable are due. The importance of the deadline varies based on the Service Buyer requirements. The importance of meeting specified time-lines should be discussed between the Service Buyer and Service Provider prior to the commencement of a Project.

Negotiation Phase- This is the period of negotiation between a Service Buyer and Service Provider(s) prior to the finalization, budget and acceptance of a bid. The Negotiation Phase will involve discussion on Project terms, expectations, reporting requirements and milestones for a successful transaction.

Basic Project-
A Basic Project is a RFP (invitation to bid) on a specific, time-line oriented task. The Service Provider can submit a Proposal (bid) based on an hourly estimate or final fee for project completion.

Featured Project- A project type that gains additional exposure and Service Provider interest by being displayed in the top of the category.

Hide Bid Details- When a Service Buyer posts a Project that conceals both Service Provider identities and Bid details. Hide Project Details can be useful in negotiating a lower Bid from the Service Provider as well as increasing Service Buyer privacy.
Project Budget Details, Terms and Definitions
The Budget is the cost expectation set by a Service Buyer when listing a new Project on EngineerOutsourcing.  The Service Buyer has the option to select a Price Range or Open Budget for a Project listing. The Budget set for the Project is flexible and Service Providers are permitted to Bid above or below the amount specified by the Service Buyer.

Open Budget- A Project where a Service Buyer does not specify a price range for the Project and the project is open to all bid amount.

Price Range- The Price Range is Bid amount expectation (range) set when a Service Buyer Posts a Project on EngineerOutsourcing. The Price Range is flexible and Service Providers are permitted to place a Proposal above or below the Price Range set for a Project.
Project Bid Details
Bid- A Bid is how the Service Provider indicates interest in a newly posted Project on the uFathom website.

Bid Allotment- The number of Proposals that can be made by a Service Provider on a Monthly Basis.

Membership Cycle- The day of the month when the Service Provider Bids are refilled. A Service Provider can check the number of remaining by logging into the User Control Panel.

Minimum/Maximum Bid- The Minimum and Maximum Bid is the limitation set by  for the Service Provider project proposal.

Bid Retraction- When a Service Provider cancels a bid. A Bid is generally retracted when the expectations for a Project differ significantly between the dialog with a Service Buyer and the actual Project description for a Posted Project.

Hidden Bids- Service Buyers have the option to Hide Bids when posting a Project. This is set when during the posting of a project and cannot be changed after a project is listed.

Revise Bid- When a Service Provider increases or decreases the amount bid on a project based on project clarification from the Service Buyer. The Revise Bid option is only available while a Project is still open to Bidding.

Negotiation Terms
When a Service Provider submits a Bid or quote for a Project posted on EngineerOutsourcing. The Service Buyer can accept, reject or counter the bid placed by the Service Buyer

Hourly Proposal- When the Service Provider submits a Bid that is Based on an Hourly Estimate that is flexible and may vary based on the time commitment to complete the project.

Rational- The Rational includes the justification, reason and details for the Bid amount specified in a Service Provider Bid. A stronger Rational will often increase the chance one equivalent Service Provider will be chosen over another.

Final Value- The Final Value is the amount that the Service Buyer and Service Provider agree on as the estimate for the completion of a Project listed on EngineerOutsourcing.

Payment Terms
When a User deposits funds into their EngineerOutsourcing account.

Withdrawal- When a User removes funds from their EngineerOutsourcing account.

Referral Fee- Referral Fee is profit sharing between EngineerOutsourcing and a User that refer associates or contacts to the EngineerOutsourcing website. Users typically capture a referral fee with the placement of an EngineerOutsourcing banner on a website owned by the referring User.

EngineerOutsourcing Trust- The EngineerOutsourcing Trust or Escrow is a service where EngineerOutsourcing holds funds for the Service Buyer until they are fully satisfied with a project. Once Service Buyer agrees that the Project expectations have been met, the Service Buyer will transfer the funds.

Release Payment- When the Service Buyer transfers funds from the EngineerOutsourcing Trust account into the Service Provider account. The Release Payment is only recommended for when the service buyer is 100% satisfied with the quality of the finished Project.

Partial Completion- When a Service Buyer and Service provider mutually agree to cancel a project for a valid reason. A Partial Completion will then involve the Service Buyer releasing payment for the percent (%) of the job that both parties feel have been completed. When this occurs Service Buyer will Select Partial Completion in the User Control Panel and the Service Buyer will agree to that amount.

Dispute- A Dispute occurs when a Project has been started and the one or both parties want to cancel the Project. The Dispute is different from a Partial Completion as both parties disagree on the percent (%) of the Project that has been completed. The Dispute will be resolved when both parties find an acceptable compromise or through using EngineerOutsourcing Arbitration.

Arbitration- When neither the Service Buyer nor Service Provider agree on an agreeable Partial Completion amount, EngineerOutsourcing will make a judgement on the percent (%) of the project that has been completed. The decision of EngineerOutsourcing Support will be Binding and will not be up for further debate (as per the User Agreement). A fee for the use Arbitration will apply and will be payable by one or both parties.

Project Milestones- When both parties agree to sequential payments through the course of a Project. Project Milestones generally apply to large, long or ongoing assignments where a bulk payment is not an option.

Note: The funds deposited into the account can only be released in a bulk sum. If the Project is ongoing, commission based or involves milestones, the Service Buyer should ensure that the amount deposited is the appropriate amount to be released in a sum.

User Fees and Costs for EngineerOutsourcing Service
Service Fee-
The fee that Users pay for the use of the EngineerOutsourcing website and Payment Processing.

EngineerOutsourcing Fee- The portion of the Service Fee that is charged for using the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Final Value Fee- The amount EngineerOutsourcing will bill a Service Provider to process payments through the EngineerOutsourcing website. The Final Value Fee includes the EngineerOutsourcing service cost, in addition to Payment Processing costs.

Payment Processing Fee- The Service Fee that is charged by online payment providers for depositing funds and withdrawing funds on the EngineerOutsourcing website. The Payment Processing Fee includes online payment, PayPal, Google Checkout, MoneyBookers and miscellaneous banking services.

Service Buyer Fee- The fee that a Service Buyer pays for the use of the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Service Provider Fee- The fee that a Service Provider pays for use of the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Basic Account- A Basic Account that is provided free of cost to any individual/organization that signs up on the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Premium Account- A Premium Account is a account that involves a monthly fee for the use of extra website Tools, reduced Final Value Costs for Service Providers and reduced Service Fee for Projects listed by Service Buyers. The Premium Account is appealing for high volume Users on the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Benefits of Premium Service Provider Account- The Premium Account is beneficial for Service Providers due to an increased Bid Allotment and little/no Final Value Fee for Projects. The User will also gain access to additional tools for increasing the chance of a successful Bid.

Benefits of Premium Service Buyer Account- A Premium membership is appealing to Service Providers due to a reduced/no cost for individual Project listings. The User will also gain access to additional tools for increasing the chance of successfully selecting a ideal Service Provider for a Project.

Account Upgrade- When the User changes the EngineerOutsourcing membership from a Basic Account to a Premium Account.

Account Downgrade- When the User changes the EngineerOutsourcing membership from a Premium Account to a Basic Account.

User Types and User Activity
Service Buyer (Hirers)-
Website Users that are involved with hiring Service Providers to complete a Project Posted on EngineerOutsourcing.

Service Provider (The Workforce)- Website Users that are engaged in completing Projects posted on the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Subcontractor- Users that are involved in both Service Buyers and Service Provider activities on the EngineerOutsourcing website.

User- A company individual that signs up for a account on the EngineerOutsourcing website.

Affiliate User- A User that is actively involved in promoting the EngineerOutsourcing website to access referral Commissions.

Skill Category- The skill category outlines the proficiencies of the Service Provider.

User Account and User Tools
User Profile-
The User Profile is the User information that is displayed publicly  in a EngineerOutsourcing User Account.

Feedback Import- A tool that allows Users to import feedback from other outsourcing and freelance websites and migrate the information into the EngineerOutsourcing User Profile.

Collabtive- Collabtive is a project management and groupware tool that can be used by EngineerOutsourcing Service Buyers and Service Providers to manage outsourcing and offshoring project operations.

User Skill Tests- Service Provider testing is provided by ExpertRating (; a leader in standardizing qualifications. The service enhances the Service Provider account and adds a high level of certainty for the perspective Service Buyers.

User Credentials- The qualifications, training and education that is displayed in User profiles and visible will be visible to all EngineerOutsourcing Users. The Credentials can be checked by EngineerOutsourcing Support to verify accuracy.

Collabtive- Project Management Groupware

Who can use Collabtive Project Management?
Collabtive is a project management and groupware tool that can be used by EngineerOutsourcing Service Buyers and Service Providers to manage outsourcing and offshoring project operations.

Engineer Outsourcing Trust Account (Escrow)

What is Engineer Outsourcing Trust (Escrow)?
The EngineerOutsourcing Trust or Escrow is a service where Engineer Outsourcing holds funds for the Service Buyer until they are fully satisfied with a project. Once Service Buyer agrees that the Project expectations have been met, the Service Buyer will transfer the funds.
Engineer Outsourcing - Project Marketplace for CAD, CAM & CAE. Connecting Business with Engineering in India
Engineer Outsourcing is an online marketplace that connects small and medium sized businesses with qualified and cost-effective service providers for outsourcing work such as AutoCAD drafting, CAM, CAE, 3D conversions and simple engineering projects. Service buyers are primarily located in Canada and the United States. Service providers have been vetted to include only the best engineering firms from India who hold international accreditations such as ISO 9000 and NASSCOM Certification.

Engineer Outsourcing aims to be the leading provider in outsourcing drafting and AutoCAD engineering services.  Engineering providers specialize in architectural drafting, structural engineering, pipeline engineering, oil and gas engineering, civil engineering, HVAC engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering among other disciplines.

Do you want to achieve the large savings and advantages that your competitors are leveraging? Engineer Outsourcing provides a safe and customer friendly system through holding payments in trust until project terms are satisfied and assisting clients with a trained support team. Outsourcing to qualified providers has never been easier! Sign up today to get started!